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The company's production facilities are located in the town of Asbest (2,500 m2) and Reftinsky settlement (3,000 m2).

The process lines are operated by the qualified personnel and process engineers with years of experience. Production capacities allow producing over  20 thousand tons of microspheres and over 50 thousand tons of special oil-well cement mixtures.

Quality Control Program is implemented in the specialized laboratories in Asbest and Reftinsky. The products and the whole production process is under constant laboratory control in accordance with the requirements developed by our Customers' industry research institutes.

Raw material base

Our raw materials base is replenished from the major sources of raw materials ensuring sustainable and qualitative supplies regardless of seasonal fluctuations and technological issues.

Raw material preparation, selection and classification is performed by our own forces and using our own resources under the patented technology in three main regions:

  • Middle Ural
  • East Kazakhstan
  • East Siberia

Our company's storage facilities are up to 6,000 m2 for storage of the raw material stock to ensure year-round sustainable supplies according to our Customers' supply plans.